Need standard or custom-designed seals? Turn to our experts for professional guidance. Our PTFE seals are regarded as among the best in the industry in terms of technical performance.

Reliable, high-performance seals in sizes Ø3 mm - Ø2000 mm. Standard and custom-designed products.
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Wide product range
Our production is based on our own DanaFlon materials, isostatic moulding and CNC technology.
Product categories include:

  • Rod Line – Seals for reciprocating applications with the seal face applied on the inside
  • Piston Line – Seals for reciprocating applications with the seal face applied on the outside
  • Roto Line – Seals for rotary applications with the seal face applied on the inside and outside
  • Scraper Line – Protection systems for the Rod Line and custom-designed sealing systems
  • Face Seals – For static and dynamic applications to seal between the inside and outside diameter
  • Wear Rings – For stand-alone load applications or as a part of a sealing system

Advantages of PTFE

  • Thermal stability across a wide temperature range – PTFE can be used continuously at service temperatures of up to 260°C. PTFE can also be used at cryogenic temperatures to seal critical media, such as liquid nitrogen (-196°C)
  • Low friction/dry running capability – PTFE has the lowest friction coefficient of any known solid
  • Extreme chemical resistance – Only a few media are known to react with PTFE: alkaline metals, fluorine and a few fluorochemicals, such as chlorine trifluoride and oxygen difluoride; PTFE is suitable for contact with food and complies with all FDA requirements
  • Reduced stick-slip
  • Unlimited shelf life
  • No explosive decompression
  • No swelling due to moisture absorption
  • Safe for use in vacuum conditions
  • Excellent electrical properties

Seals made from PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) are used where many other sealing materials, like elastomers, PUR, fabric materials etc., fail to meet the necessary temperature range, chemical resistance or friction and wear requirements. When using PTFE under extreme conditions, please contact us for technical support.

We specialise in state-of-the-art PTFE seals and manufacture a wide range of solutions in co-operation with numerous producers of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment.

Tried and tested materials that are safe
All our seals can be produced in a variety of materials. See our overview of materials
The following materials are compatible with food contact and have been tested and approved in accordance with the requirements set out in the EU 1935/2004: Virgin PTFE (DF10), PTFE with Ekonol (DF12), HMWPE – High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (DF91), PEEK – Polyetheretherketon (DF96), POM – Polyoxymethylene (DF94, DF95), and PUR – Polyurethane (DF81, DF82).

Delivery times
Our flexibility provides a range of delivery options in diameters Ø3 – Ø560:

  • Standard delivery within 3-4 weeks
  • Upon request – delivery within 2 weeks (delivery fee can occur)
  • Upon approved feasibility – delivery within 2-5 working days (delivery fee can occur)

Contact us for delivery options for larger diameters.  

For our customers in the automotive industry, we also offer PPAP documentation.

See our inspection report

For special requests, please complete our Request form and send it to, or call us on +45 4922 4400.
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